Bullseye Sport celebrates “Grand Opening”

Posted on 14th November 2011 in Uncategorized

My wife and I recently attended the Grand Opening of Bullseye Sport, held on November 11th and 12th, at their new location in the City of Riverside at 6710 Brockton Avenue. The event was well attended and enhanced with several drawings and refreshments.


Owners, Philip Pressler (left) and Vincente Torres, have been in business for over 25 years. Seven years ago the business was moved from Downey to the City of Riverside, where they occupied a building less than half the size of the building they are now in, which is just across the street from their old location.


When we arrived we were greeted by Alex who, remembering my wife had purchased a. Henry 22. from them a couple of weeks ago, pointed out a sale they were running on Winchester .22 ammunication. He also remembered her sister had just purchased a Sig 40 and that ammo was also on sale.


Vincente (second from left, his wife Lilia, son Alex (far right) and daughter Shelsy (far left) all actively participate in operating the customer friendly store.

While talking to Lilia we learned Vincente began working in the business at 18. He started his career at B&R Sales and then went on to Turners and then Sports Kingdom before realizing his dream of opening and operating his own business.

When asking Lilia what Bullseye’s specialty was she responded, “personalized customer service; we want to keep our prices down and affordable and provide a customer friendly shopping environment and to promote the 2nd amendment”. In keeping with their policies the store does offer a 90 day lay-away plan and we found their pricing to be very competitive..

Lilia also stated that both she and her husband immigrated “legally” into the United States from Cuba in 1969. Although a mere 11 years old Lilia remembers that in Cuba, under Castro’s communist rule, the people lost their right to own and possess firearms; their guns were confiscated along with their freedom of speach and any other freedoms they previously had known.

Bullseye Sport operates a very “customer friendly” store. When you walk in the door you immediately feel welcome. Their business hours are Monday thru Friday 10 AM to 6:30 PM. They are open Saturdays from 9 AM to 5 PM unless they are participating in local gun shows. If you are planning on visiting them on a Saturday it is best to call ahead at 951-823-0211. Your can also E-mail them at bullseyesport@yahoo.com for the location of upcoming gun shows they will be attending. Be sure and check out their website at www.bullseyesport.com for specials and announcements.




Bullseye Sport carries a large variety of handguns, sporting and tactical rifles and shotguns from all of the leading manufactures. They can custom order any firearm you may be interested in and will gladly accept FFL transfers from out of state stores.




While we were at the grand opening we noticed the store is well stocked with accessories, sporting and tactical scopes, ammunication, reloading supplies, sporting and tactical gun cases and shooting bags with new lines and inventory arriving daily..



Future plans include adding an indoor range. As Lilia explained; “our goal is to provide the shooter with everything they need under one roof”.



Remember – “An ARMED society is a FREE society” … Your comments are requested and appreciated… E-mail them to bigreb@bigreb.com


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