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Posted on 11th February 2011 in Bigreb speaks his mind...

I get crap about the Confederate flag in my logo… What is wrong with that flag? Like the “Don’t Tread on Me” flag it was born on American soil. To some it may mean hatred but to me, and many others, it means “Southern Pride, not hatred” as my cousin Paul put it…. Can my wishes be respected or must I cave under pressure form those who want to control me and my thoughts “I think not”…

I am tired of the “Black History Month” and the Black Entertainment Television “BET”…  Black Power  is being crammed down my throat morning, noon and night. It was blacks who sold blacks into slavery and the blood of white men who set them free. It was also a white president who made sure they stayed free. OK enough is enough.

The whites don’t have a “White History Month” or Miss White USA amoung other things… Hell, we are lucky today to say we are white without taking a chance on being called a racist. Can you just believe what we would have to put up with if we had a White Entertainment Television channel “(WET)”

Do you think I am ther only one who feels theis way. See  what Andy Rooney, a  very liberal CBS commentator, had to say… I am not anti black, brown or any other color but I am proud of my heritage and not ashamed to say so… I have as much right to beat my chest over being “white” as anyone else does over whatever color they are!

Isn’t that what the Mexicans and Blacks are looking for, pride in their own race. They yell “Brown Power” or “Black Power” at every public gathering… The Mexicans fly their Mexican flag here in the USA and have been seen putting it on flag poles, over our American flag, which, they choose to “turn upside down”. Viva F-ing La Raza. So why can’t I have pride in my heritage without being called a racist? Look here, use the “N’ word and see what happens unless of course you happen to be black and then it’s OK. Whites can be called “crackers” by blacks and that’s OK too!

I am tired of being told we have to accept the illegal’s because they are just Gods people trying to better them themselves. Our prisons are full of these poor people who just want to do better for their families and we, the CITIZENS and TAXPAYERS in this country, are paying the bill… If we went into Mexico, without the proper paperwork, we would be put in jail, NO F-ING QUESTIONS ASK. If we committed a crime, while their illegally, we may never be seen or heard from again. Why do I have to pay for their medical and drop babies? They don’t make my children legal just because they are born in Mexico and good luck if you are a illegal in Mexico and get sick…

Why, if a test is being taken for a government job, or admittance into a state university, are point bonuses given to minorities over whites, including white veterans. Are they suggesting whites are smarter so we have to give the minorities a “head start” to compete? looks that way!

Last week my grandkids ask me if I was a “red neck”. I proudly told them YES! My heritage is from the South, I work hard, drive a pick up truck, own guns, go hunting, drink beer, smoke cigars, love my country, watch NASCAR and hunting programs on TV, believe in Jesus Christ, say Merry Christmas every damn chance I get and some other things I won’t mention here! BTW… I guess that covers most of the bases. I told them to be proud of their heritage and not to let anyone make them feel like second class citizens and, if it become necessary, “fight for what they believe”. That’s in part, what a Red Neck” does. He fights to defend the Constitution and the Bill of Rights. It is a fact red necks make up the majority of out armed forces. God bless them all!!!

Well I have rambled enough… Just been a bad day so now I feel better. Tomorrow everyone will know I am a racist, bigot and many other names.  My wife has read this blog and told me; because of the flag on this site, it is racist. I reminded her there is also an American flag on this blog too so I guess I am a patriotic racist! That beautiful red, white and blue symbol of our freedom and liberty gives me the right to my opinions… What others think is not important to me… My true friends all know who I really am and one thing they know for sure is, I’m NOT A RACIST

Remember, “An ARMED society is a FREE society”…

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