In Tribute

I am very proud of my family who are currently serving in the military and public service and those who have served… Starting with the revolutionary war and continuing through the recent  conflicts in Afghanistan, my family has had their men in the military fighting for what they believe. Today, because of their dedication and service, we are able to enjoy the rights guaranteed to us under our Constitutional Republic and Bill of Rights. The right of “life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness”… I salute you and your sacrifices to our great country… To the thousands who have given the ultimate sacrifice, may God be with you and your families… To those whose fate we will never know, you are not forgotten and will always be in our prayers…

May God keep his protective hand on the shoulders of our fighting men and women, and their families, and keep them out of harm’s way…



wilmer gray

paul ostoich

ray sweet


gigi sheriff

gigi mppd

gigi dispatcher

robert hudson photographer who carries a big gun

robert hudson reserve fireman and photographer

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