Obama seeks supports of Illegals and revolutionaries to win 2012 election

Posted on 21st May 2012 in Bigreb speaks his mind...

In an unprecedented attempt to win the 2012 election Obama has crawled on his hands and knees to every minority organization in the USA to gather support . Promising whatever these illegals and lawbreakers wish to hear he is on the road to gather as many endorsements as he can, along with the blood money that comes with them. The largest single minority is among the Mexican llegal aliens coming in from south of our boarder. Under the guise of wanting to make a better life for themselves and families they are coming by the thousands and the Mexican authorities are doing little, if anything, to stop them because for the most part they are undesirables and Mexico is glad to get rid of them. Among the so called “innocents” are drug dealers, murders, child molesters and those looking to over through our government.


Mexico’s President Felipe Calderon, in a recent speech with Obama by his side, criticized the United States for our policies on many subjects including gun control and our handling of illegal aliens. I for one think Calderon should keep his mouth shut and mind his own business. Have you ever heard of a foreign President going into Mexico and telling them how to run their country? Calderon has no respect for this country because our president is a spineless wimp and has allowed our great nation to be trampled on by anyone who wishes. We, as a country, because of Obama apologizing for every little thing , has lost face in the world.


Obama has recognized there is a tremendous opportunity at hand to convert these illegals into democratic voters. To this end he has thrown his administration’s support behind every radical Mexican group and political leader he can in hopes of turning that support into votes for him in November of this year. Obama supports driver’s licenses for illegals. He recognizes all you need to register to vote is a driver’s license and he is on record that illegals should have driver’s licenses because it will make them better drivers and then they can get insurance. Now if you believe that BS I have a bridge I want to sell you.


The largest Mexican organizations in the US are strongly behind Obama, La Raza, M.E.Ch.A, M.A.P.A. and The United Farm Workers.


Obama is on record as supporting these anti-American organization to the point of gaining support from a number of splinter groups advocating the return of a number of states they call Atzlan or a new nation: Republica del Norte, “the Republic of the North,” which includes, California, Arizona, New Mexico, Texas and Southern Colorado back to Mexico. Listen to this interesting video . It is not generally known but recently appointed Supreme Court judge Sotomayor as a nation director for the Atzlan movement and La Raza . Obama’s own Homeland Security Secretary, Janet Napolitano and openly advocated an “open border” policy.


Lawmakers have been attempting to get Obama and his administration to have the Mexican gangs, which are terrorizing the Western States, defined as “terrorists”. Both the States Attorney General and Homeland Security have refused to do so in fear of upsetting their Mexican colleagues.


Obama is on the record that he does not need “middle class, white America” to get re-elected. In fact most of his early campaigning has been to the Mexican community and he has not hid that fact. The time he is spending in the Border States rivals that of any presidential candidate.


Obama is running behind in every poll and he, and his inside supporters and Mexican organizations, know the only way he can get re-elected is to steel the election and with the help of the radical Mexican elected officials in both federal and state offices who will do whatever it takes to make this happen unless “We The People” step in NOW and stop this in its tracks. Expose Obama’s plan by speaking out. Let your friends know and, along with throwing Obama out of office this November, thrown the rest of the radicals out along with him. It is time we take back America and send the illegals packing!

Remember… “An Armed society is a FREE society”

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