Our Constitution and Bill of Rights are under full attack by a socialist, pro radical Islamic President…

Posted on 13th June 2011 in Bigreb speaks his mind...

The blog below was published in June 2011… Since then we have had 3 mass shootings (all carried out by democrats) a punishing attack on our 2nd amendment (sponsored and supported by Democrats) at both the State and Federal levels and now our “new” Secretary of State, Democrat John Kerry  has just signed the the United Nations “Arms Trade Treaty” despite the fact the majority of Americans and elected officials are against it… I warned you then our 2nd amendment rights were in severe danger but we re-elected a socialist, radical Islam supporter who made no secret out of the fact he was going to disarm our country no matter what it would take…

Obama is well on his way now to achieving his goals… He must be stopped through a recall for high treason against the Constitution of the United States of America and “We the People”…


How much more damage does he have to do before America is going to wake up… Fast and Furious, Benghazi, IRS scandals, his citizenship, his support of radical Islam and Shariah law and a “out of control justice department… Obama has more scandals in his administration than any other president in recent history and yet the drive by media still supports his anti-American agenda…



Within weeks following the death of Osama Bin Laden a new spokesman for Al Qaeda has emerged calling for all Muslims, within the borders of the United States, to “buy guns and start shooting people”. On the surface one might expect something like this to occur in retaliation for the killing of Bin Laden. But let’s look deeper into this. Why would American born Adam Gadahn  encourage Islamic terrorists to go out, buy guns and start randomly shooting people?


muslims and terrorists 196x300 Are All Muslims Fundamentalists and Terrorists, Islam and Terrorism

Here is the answer. Islamic terrorists want Americans unarmed and what a better way to go about seeing that it happens than by mass shooting across the United States. Our short sighted and left leaning drive by media along with a handful of our elected brain dead legislators would be the first to call for gun control, registration of firearms and confiscation. Obama could then move his agenda ahead to have the United States ratify the United Nations sponsored “Arms Trade Treaty. All would play right into the hands of the Islamic terrorists.



Right now, while we sleep, there are hundreds of Muslim Islamic terrorist training camps right here in America. They are right under our noses. They are run and controlled from the numerous mosques  popping up all over the United States. The Muslim Clerics or Emums are responsible to the Muslim Islamic terrorists and see to it these camps have the funding and cover they need to expand and prosper. The sole purposes of these mosques or barracks as some call them are to give the Islamic terrorists a safe harbor within our borders and to recruit soldiers from a disenfranchised small minority of low life’s and prison inmates . Our elected legislators need to demand that the Department of Justice immediately go after and shut down these Muslim Islamic terrorists training camps and bring all to justice as traitors and spies who are involved, including the “Clerics and Emums” who give sanctuary to anyone who plans the over throw of our country.



Congressman Peter King held hearings  about the recruiting of blacks within the prison system and, with very disturbing findings.



For a blueprint of exactly how the Muslim Islamic terrorists community is working to destroy our country from within read the latest F.B.I report on the F.B.I.’s report on the Council on American-Islamic Relations” (C.A.I.R.) ‘Muslim Mafia’ ‘smoking-gun’ documents. and the Muslim Brotherhood is now embrassed by Obama and his administration…


Wake up America and all you left winged bleeding hearts. “We the People” of the United States of America, are Under Siege. Our way of life, Constitution and Bill of Rights is in immediate jeopardy. As free Americans, we only have a few ways out of this mess.


One, the November 2012 elections. We need to get a president and legislators, who are pro gun control and who have voted for gun and ammunition control, out of office NOW before they can pass any additional legislation, either on a State or Federal level that will further decay or take away our 2nd amendment rights. We need to demand the repeal of any, and all, gun legislation that in any way prohibits or stands in the way of law abiding citizens to own, cary or posses any type of firearm. The operative words here are LAW ABIDING CITIZEN. Until a citizen uses a firearm in an unlawful manner he, or she, may own any type of firearm they choose. Use a firearm in an unlawful manner and loose your Constitutional right to own and bear a firearm and go directly to jail.



The second, and more radical approach, is to show the world that the citizens of the United States of American are better armed, supplied and trained than any terrorist organization within our borders. This means every household should have, and know how to use, firearms. The 2nd amendment provides the people to Constitutional right to “own and bear arms”, form a well regulated militia for the security of a Free State”.



It is time these Muslim Islamic terrorists, including any other persons or organizations thinking of taking this country, begin to understand what has made the United States of America one of the greatest and strongest nations in the world, its people”, all races, creeds and nationalities coming together for one common cause, The God given right to live free.


Act now, register to vote, and get involved with your local, state federal elections. Don’t be afraid to ask the candidates how they feel about gun control, have they or would they vote for ANY type of gun or ammunication control . If they say yes they are your enemy. If you don’t own a gun go out today and buy one. Take a class in gun safety and stock up on ammunition. Teach your family how to safely use the firearm. Go to the range and practice, practice and practice.



And lastly, don’t be embarrassed about saying aloud that you are proud to be an American. Thousands of our men and women, sons, fathers, mothers and daughters have given their lives to ensure we maintain a free state. Don’t let their sacrifice go for not. Be proud of your country and willing to stand up to any and all that may put you or your family in harms way. Do not be afraid to speak out against Muslim Islamic terrorists.


Remember, Your rights begin and end at my nose and toes”Don’t Tread on Me” or my “God given rights” to live as a “free man” in a “free societyunder the rule of law


Remember, “an ARMED society is a FREE society“… Your comments are welcome… Write me at bigreb@bigreb.com






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