Elected officials, prostitutes, call girls and escorts…

Posted on 5th July 2011 in Bigreb speaks his mind...

I got to thinking, after listening to a lot of rhetoric this weekend from our elected and appointed officials, that there is not a great deal of difference between them prostitutes, call girls and escorts.

Politicians are hired (elected) by us to perform a job, duty or task. We come to an agreement with them that they will represent our best interests and follow the guidelines (Constitution) that explains exactly what they can and cannot do. For this they get paid a lot of money. The problem is that once elected, and unlike prostitutes, call girls and escorts, if they do not perform to our satisfaction we cannot get our money back.

With our elected officials, if we are unhappy with their services, it is almost impossible to get hold of them unless you are a lobbyist with a lot of money. You can call and leave messages, e-mails and send letters but it is highly unlikely you will ever get a return. Oh yes, we still have to pay for the f**king we are getting but the difference is we get no pleasure from it or even the fun of a “reach around”. One exception, elected officials, and escorts, have a lot in common. Pay them (elected officials) enough money, usually under the table, and they will go out and be seen with you in public and put on the airs of being your best friend with no expectations.

Now, on the other hand, most working girls are represented by an agency or manager (pimp). They have to be available to their clientele/constituents to stay in business and keep their jobs. They can be contacted 24/7, when their services are needed or required. You call and they, or their representative, will answer by the second ring (see they understand that being available to the people who pay their wages IS important). You explain what you want and, if everyone agrees, money is exchanged for the services, they do their job, and once you are satisfied everyone leaves happy and looking forward to the next experience.

I have been around both over the years and truthfully, I would far rather spend my time with someone who knows who and what they are than some phony politician… How about you?

Makes me wonder which profession is truly the most honorable!