Lest we forget 9-11… The day Islam declared war on the United States of America

Posted on 8th September 2011 in Bigreb speaks his mind...

On September 11, 2001… 4 planes were hijacked by 19 Islamic terrorists. It was then, in the name of Islam, Muslims declared war on the citizens, and holding, of the United States of America. Yelling Allahu Akbar (God is Great) and praising their pedophile prophet Muhammad and quoting from the Islamic terrorists manifesto, the Qur’an  they flew their planes into targets on U.S. soil.

2726 men, women and children, in the Trade Towers, murdered and butchered on September 11, 2001 by Islamic terrorists

189 military and civilian personal, at the Pentagon, murdered and butchered on September 11, 2001 by Islamic terrorists

40 innocent men, women and children, on a plane over Pennsylvania, murdered and butchered on September 11, 2001 by Islamic terrorists


411 Fire, Police, Port Authority and Paramedics, at the Trade Towers, responding to save lives indirectly murdered and butchered on September 11, 2001 by Islamic terrorists


Jump ahead 8 years, the New York Muslim community, through Soho Properties, a front for the Cordoba Initiative founded by Imam Feisal Abdul Rauf , purchases the former Burlington Coat Factory, which had been struck with parts of one of the planes which hit the Twin Towers, for $4.85 million in cash . The purpose is to tear it down and build a Muslim Prayer Hall. Rumor has it once completed it will be named after the Cordoba Mosque  which is located in Spain and which was the capital of the Spanish Muslim dynasty. No bigger insult could be given to those who were murdered and butchered my Muslim terrorists on 9-11-01 than for this to happen right next to this sacred site. This Mosque, once completed, will be visited by Islamic terrorists from all over the world so they can show their respect to the 19 jihadist’s martyrs and claim victory over the infidels’.

Despite the pleadings, of those who had lost friends and loved ones during the Islamic attack to designate the building as City landmark, a City panel voted unanimously to reject the Landmark status thus clearing the way for the 88 year old building to be torn down making way for the Mosque. Today the building is used weekly by Islamic terrorist jihad supporter and defender Imam Feisal Abdul Rauf  to hold prayer and read from the Qur’an.

Over $100 million dollars will be needed to complete the project and many wonder how much will come from terrorists organizations from all over the world. The project is headed up by Sharif El-Gamal . A man with a past and Islamic terrorist supporter.

When, in the history of our great nation, have we ever allowed an enemy to build a shrine to commemorate the deaths of Americans on the spot where they were murdered and butchered? That would be like allowing the Japanese to build a temple over the USS Arizona.

America, it is time to wake up and know who our enemies are, both within and without. We have a socialist Marxist president who is a closet Muslim, supports the radical Islamic community, may not even be a citizen and he running our country. Obama’s strongest supporters and mentors are, Anti-American George Soros, Rev. Jeremiah Wright  (remember his statement “God dam America) and terrorists Bill Ayers, who are all on the record as being anti-American.  These are the men who groomed Obama for his job. Who are Obamas friends and supporters, click HERE for the, not so surprising, list.

Both within and without we have to deal with the teaching of Islam and their hatred of the American lifestyle. This non-religion, founded by a pedophile, has but one goal and that is to destroy the United States of America, our Constitution and every infidel non-believer in it and force Shariah law on all Americans. We as patriots must fight this Islamic cancer within our Nation by every means available.

On this September 11th let’s all remember those who lost their lives. The families, co-workers and loved ones they left behind. Keep focused on who our nations new, non-uniformed, enemies are, both elected and foreign.

The 2nd amendment “guarantees every law abiding citizen” the right to own and bare arms, it also guarantee’s and protects our 1st amendment rights and preserves our Constitution for our children and future generations. There is no amendment to out Bill of Rights, that is more important, than the 2nd amendment!!

“An ARMED society, is a FREE society”. This is why the Muslim world and President Obama wants to disarm us .

If you have not already done it, go by your local gun shop and exercise your 2nd amendment right! Do it for yourself, your families protection and your Nation!

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