California: Anti-Gun Bills Scheduled to be Heard in the State Senate and Assembly Public Safety Committees on April 12

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Punishing the law abiding citizen seems to be the mantra of California’s elected officials… The information below is important if you are a recreational gun owner, hunter or collector. The democrats control both houses as well as the governor’s office. Whatever comes out of committee and passes both houses will be signed into law by Governor Jerry Brown. Please take the time to read what these 3 bills will do and then contact the members of the of the Senate and Assembly Public Safety Committees! (Their names and e-mail addresses are below)…

The State of California is well on their way to disarming its citizens and it is all a part of a much larger picture called the United Nations Arms Treaty. Click on the banner below to see what the plan for gun owners in America is and remember President Obama is in favor of this U.N. Arms Treaty…

On Tuesday, April 12, the California Senate and Assembly Public Safety Committees, are scheduled to hear three anti-guns bills. Senate Bill 124 would ban virtually all handgun and rifle ammunition and cartridges, Assembly Bill 144 would ban open carry and Assembly Bill 809 would require long gun registration.

SB 124, introduced by anti-gun extremist state Senator Kevin De León (D-22), is scheduled to be heard in the state Senate Public Safety Committee on April 12 at 9:30 am in Room 3191.

SB 124 would create a broadly expanded and technically flawed definition of handgun ammunition which would encompass virtually all rifle cartridges. It would also ban the possession of many types of rifle cartridges and make it a felony to possess them. SB 124 doesn’t stop there, it could also ban virtually all non-lead ammunition used in California by reclassifying them as “armor piercing.” If passed, this bill could result in a complete ban on hunting in the California condor zone in which the use of lead ammunition is prohibited for hunting. This bill has enormous ramifications for California gun owners and sportsmen.

The NRA is also expecting an anti-gun amendment regarding the registration of ammunition and the banning of mail-order ammunition to be introduced at this hearing.

It is imperative that you call and e-mail members of the Senate Public Safety Committee IMMEDIATELY and urge them OPPOSE SB 124. Contact information for the Senate Public Safety Committee can be found at the bottom of this alert.

Also on April 12, the state Assembly Public Safety Committee will hear two anti-gun bills at 9 a.m. in room 126 on the first floor of the capitol.

In an effort to further stifle law-abiding gun owners from exercising their right to keep and bear arms, anti-gun Assemblyman Anthony Portantino (D-44) has introduced legislation that would change the state’s gun laws and prohibit law-abiding citizens from carrying an unloaded handgun openly. It is currently legal to carry an unloaded handgun into most public places within the state, including restaurants and malls, but if approved, AB 144 would make it a misdemeanor to carry an unloaded handgun in public under most circumstances.

AB 809, introduced again by F-rated Assemblyman Mike Feuer (D-42), would establish a state registration system, similar to the one currently in place for handguns, for all newly-acquired rifles and shotguns. Under AB809, the make, model and serial number of the firearm as well as the identifying information of the purchaser would be recorded and kept on file by the California Attorney General’s office.

Please contact members of the Assembly Public Safety Committee listed at the bottom of this alert and urge them to OPPOSE AB 144 and AB 809.

Also contact your state Senator and Representative and let them know that California is part of the United States and your firearm rights are protected by the Second Amendment. Let your state Senator and Representative know that SB 124, AB 144 and AB 809 infringe on your Second Amendment rights. For contact information on your state Senator and Representative or help identifying your state legislators click here.

Senate Public Safety Committee – oppose SB 124
Senator Loni Hancock (D-9), Chairman
Senator Joel Anderson (R-36), Vice Chairman
Senator Ron Calderon (D-30)
Senator Tom Harman (R-35)
Senator Carol Liu (D-21)
Senator Curren Price (D-26
Senator Darrell Steinberg (D-6), President pro Tem

Assembly Public Safety Committee – oppose AB 144 and AB 809
Tom Ammiano (D-13), Chairman
Steve Knight (R-36), Vice Chairman
Gilbert Cedillo (D-45)
Curt Hagman (R-60)
Jerry Hill (D-19)
Holly J. Mitchell (D-47)
Nancy Skinner (D-14)

Your contributions are needed by both the National Rifle Association and the California Rifle and Pistol Association. If you are not yet a member please join. If you are members please take a minute to click on the logo’s below and make a small contribution. It all adds up and we need the legal support to challenge these bills in court when they pass. It is all up to you if you want to keep your 2nd amendment rights…


Attention Patriots and decedents of Minutemen… Grab your muskets …

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Recently Florida Congressman, and retired U.S. Army Lt. Colonel, Allen West told a audience to grab their muskets and bayonets and be prepared to defend our Constitutional Republic. It would appear his words were spoken not just out of campaign rhetoric but knowledge of a growing presence of Islamic terrorists training camps right here within the borders of the United States.

It is a know fact that our prisons are fast becoming one of the largest recruiting areas for black Islamic terrorists. Groups like the Muslim Brotherhood, New Black Panther Party and Louis Farrakhan’s, Nation of Islam find very easy pickings with a very willing and ready group of participants. It seems black’s are finding themselves through Islam.

Muslims are the fastest growing population within the United States with numbers estimated at between 6.5 and 10 million attending over 2000 mosques up from just under 1000 in 1994. The number of mosques have more than doubled in the past 10 years. The entire premise of a Mosque is that it is a State within a State and a “safe haven” for  American Islamic Terrorist. Within this country it estimated there are between 650,000 and one million, Islamic Jihadists who are putting together a well trained and armed army of thugs, felons, cowards and those who believe that only Muslims and Islamic/Sharia law should govern the United States and the world. The United States has become a training ground for such organizations as Al Qaeda, Hamis, Islamic Jihad, Hezbollah, Warriors for Islam, The Muslim Brotherhood, Virginia Jihad Network and many other groups.

How do they justify their actions? Their training manual is the Qur’an. It states “ 47.4: So when you meet in battle those who disbelieve, then smite the necks until when you have overcome them”… 

See chart below…

During the Second World War the Japanese were ask why they did not attack our mainland. Their response was because “everyone in America owns a gun”.

Countries whose rights to “own and bare arms”, which were taken away, found that soon after they also lost the right to free speech and peaceful assembly followed by a complete government takeover. Think I am kidding just look at what happened to the citizens in Germany, Poland, France and Italy to name a few. Think it can’t happen here. There is a United Nation “Small Arms Treaty” ,which is supported by President Obama, that if ratified by our Congress will disarm the citizens of the United States and and do away with our 2nd amendment rights.

It is interesting to note that George Solos also supports the United Nations “Small Arm Treaty” and everyone knows he is Obama’s puppet master. We all know that behind every good man there is a woman. We also know that behind Obama is George Soros calling the shots. He wants a “one world goverment” and is using Obama to achieve his goals. If we are stupid enough to re-elect Obama then in fact we are giving the White House to Soros for another 4 years to further damage our country and send it closer to complete socialism. Do the math. Are we better off today than we were a few years ago? I think not!

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