Obama is a fraud and a liar… Wake up Christians and Jews, why do you continue to support him?

Posted on 15th August 2011 in Bigreb speaks his mind...


If you are a Christian (Catholic) Jew or any other religion accepted in the FREE world today as being a religion, based on the teachings of a kind forgiving God, how you can be a supporter of Obama and his Islamic ties?


It is interesting to note over the two plus years he has been president he has cancelled the National Prayer Day, issued no Easter greetings, as has been a traditional of Presidents for decades. He did remember, for the 3rd time, to honor the Muslim Ramadan  at the White House (with a costly dinner) devoted to “prayer and fasting,” which Obama says is a “festive” holiday. Obama and his family seldom attends churchHe claims being president creates a hardship on other church goers because of the security needed. (I guess he does not put much faith in God to protect him his his house of worship). He has turned his back on Israel favor of any country who is Muslim, follows Islam and supports Sharia law .



One must remember that Obama was raised as a Muslim . His father was a Muslim as were his family members including his step father Lolo Soetoro. It is reported Obama took on the name Barry Soetoro  and used it in New York, Chicago and other places as a young man , a fact he denies. He was born in a Muslim country and into a Muslim family despite what his forged birth certificate says. His mother gave up her U.S. citizenship when she married his father Barack Hussein Obama, Sr.



The Obama machine headed up by George Soros  has spent millions grooming Obama and covering up his very checkered past.




Barack Hussein Obama’s spiritual advisor for over 25 years was a man named Jeremiah Wright, a former Muslim . He guided Obama through his years as an organizer and preformed his marriage to Obama’s now wife Michelle. You may remember Wright’s famous statement from the pulpit “God Damn America, U.S. to Blame for 9/11”This is the man that Obama looks up to.

The time has arrived that Christians, Jews and all other peaceful religions take a very close look at this man Barack Hussein Obama, AKA Barry Soetoro. He needs to be raped of his fraudulent cover so the voters can see who they are voting for.

We the People need to VOTE Obama out of office in 2012 and return this nation to the Constitutional Republic our fore fathers founded… Remember, “an Armed society is a FREE society”Support and defend our 2nd amendment. Without it we have no guaranteed freedom or Bill of Rights…

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