What is the future of the United States of America if Obama gets reelected ?

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I can’t help but wonder if “WE THE PEOPLE” have any idea of what we are in for if Obama gets reelected… We have all seen the way he brushes off the Constitution, buddies up to terrorist nations, groups and their leaders while insulting friendly countries like Israel

He gives money, and permits, to South American companies to drill for oil in the gulf while denying the same to American company’s… He has refused to allow the Canadian Keystone pipeline to be built which would put 1,000’s of Americans to work and help to cut down on Americans dependency on foreign oil… He has more than proven he is anti-business and stands against the free enterprise system that built this country…

We have watched while he fills every government agency with devout Muslims, who support Sharia Law, including both his, Clintons and Holders own personal advisors… We have seen him hide his records using executive privilege… In fact he has executed more “executive orders” than the last 3 presidents; many of which over road votes by Congress like the welfare reform act… We have watched him kiss the asses of gays and illegal aliens to get votes… He has all but destroyed us financially…

Obama used “fast and furious” to try and push through his anti-2nd amendment agenda… Obama attempted to sweep the investigation under the rug by declaring executive privilege that protects him and Holder from having to disclose any records dealing with Fast and Furious and Operation Gun Runner…Why if those two were not involved, as they say they were not, did he protect the records by sealing them from the public? Now the results by the “Justice Inspector General” (appointed by Erik Holder Jr.) have just been released putting all the blame on the ATF and absolving Holder and Obama of any responsibility… Just in time for the election how interesting…

In an earlier attempt to disarm the American citizens Obama and Clinton supported a United Nations amendment called the “Arms Trade Treaty” that would have forced us to give up our 2nd amendment and comply with international law… Obama was set to sign the treaty while the Senate was in recess but the amendment did not get out of the U.N….

His friends, close associates and advisors are Marxists, Communists, and socialists, the Muslim Brotherhood (he just bypassed Congress and gave them 1.5 billion) , New Black Panther Party and Nation of Islam…

Do you all remember Obama’s Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel? Here is his latest quote “We Need People of Faith like Louis Farrakhan (pictured above and leader of the Nation of Islam and vocal anti-Semite), But Not Chick-Fil-A”…

Obama’s wife and children travel all over the world, on our dollar, (It is estimated her vacations have cost the American taxpayer over $10,000,000)  while the common man is just trying to save enough money to put gas in his car to get to work, that is if he has a job… She and the children travel much of the time in separate airplanes… Why not, we are paying for it?

Remember when Obama got caught, on an open mike, in a private conversation with outgoing Russian president Dmitry Medvedev “After my election, I will have more flexibility”… Hum, wonder what that means?

I truly hope we are not going to be that stupid… We are now only weeks away from losing or keeping our Constitutional Republic… The fate of our great and strong nation will soon be in the hands of the voters, hopefully those who are well read citizens and not the illegals Obama is supporting… God bless America… http://www.bigreb.com

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Occupy movement supported by anarchists, communists, Nazi’s and socialists – All who want, and need, Obama to win!

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“Something to think about… What if all of these protests going on right now really get out of hand… Soros money is behind them so bringing in thugs and anarchists to stir things up with the police is not going to be a problem. Riots in the street right at election time. Obama could say because of the civil unrest and turmoil he is going to have to declare marshal law and suspend elections until order can be restored… Think it can’t happen here? Better think again. Obama and Soros will do anything it takes to keep him in office to finish turning our country into a socialist’s nation… Mark my words!”
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Well over a week ago I predicted, on Facebook, that just what happened in Oakland a few days ago would happen… We saw riots in the streets , the Oakland ports, banks and other businesses were shut down and a huge strain was placed on the Oakland police department. These protestors came prepared with rocks, bottles, bricks and Molotov cocktails. This is only the beginning of what Obama has in store for us. Let’s not forget “he is an organizer” first and foremost. Obama’s goal is to create as much civil turmoil, as possible, leading up to the election. Our president is openly supporting the “Occupy” movement and protestors to further his re-election bid.



These events are well planned and indirectly funded by George Soros. Another organization funded by Soros is Acorn. They are also playing a major role in the various “Occupy”  sit-ins across our country. These “Occupy” demonstrations are only the tip of the iceberg. Over the next few months watch for them to intensify as the organizers start bringing in the union thugs and anarchists .



The socialists are also very involved and in full support of the “Occupy” movement as are the American Nazi and Communists organizations.

Like I said earlier, what you are seeing now is only the tip of the iceberg. Obama made his living as an organizer and he is not going to let this opportunity to divert people’s attention from unemployment, the economy and his Obama-care program go bye without a fight.



There are many who feel like Obama is stoking the fire to put himself in the position of being able, through his presidential powers, to declare a state of emergency and declare martial law thus suspending the 2012 elections. Could that happen? It could if the poles begin showing him a guaranteed loss and the drive-by-media, who now support Obama 100%, begin to turn on him. I would not put anything past this man. Obama is a proven liar and there is nothing he will stop at to get re-elected.


It will be interesting to see how things progress over the next few months as the “Occupy” movement continues to grow and become more violent.

Remember “an ARMED society is a FREE society” .

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