Today, right now, my choice for President is… Herbert Cain

Posted on 14th October 2011 in Bigreb speaks his mind...


I really like this man… He is articulate, can hold his own with the drive by media, a successful business man, educated, a family man and a proud patriot. He is a staunch supporter of the 2nd amendment and believes in less government and more individual responsibility. What more can I ask in a candidate? I like his 9-9-9 plan… He wants the government to get their f-ing hands out of my pockets… I plain like him, today! Now tomorrow might be a different story. If Cain continues to be a proud American patriot and continues to stand up for his principles he will have my vote. This man will not bow to Islamic terrorists or kiss Muslims asses. This I know. He will be a nightmare to Islam in this country. He know it is not a religion but an umbrella for terrorists to hide under and Cain will do something about it.




My other two choices in the wings are; Newt Gingrich and Michelle Bachman… Gingrich is a strong supporter of the 2nd amendment and for drilling for oil in the US as is Bachman. They also understand the workings of our government, particularly inside the beltway… Both are seasoned politicians with thick skin and both have had there share of skeletons come out of the closet.



As for the white, Anglo-Saxon Protestants favorite, Mitt Romney, I don’t trust him. He is NOT a conservative. He walks very closely in Obama’s footsteps on a number of issues. He is not a true supporter of our 2nd amendment. Romney supported the Brady bill and promised the voters, when he ran for governor, he would not change the gun laws in Massachusetts during his years as governor. He enacted a health care program that parallels Obama’s. He is just too squeaky clean for my taste. He wants to be everything for everybody.

At the end of the day Perry is going to be out of it along with Paul and the others. We have a year to go so a lot of things might change. Hopefully Cain will hold the course and the patriots within this country will support him for President of the United States of America…



I could also have easily supported Congressman Allan West for President… Well maybe next time or even better, how about Vice President, this time around?

Remember, “An “ARMED” society is a “FREE” society”… Support the 2nd amendment. It is our guarantee we will always be a free society!


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